What is Sceletium Tortuosum?


Sceletium tortuosum has been used throughout history as a mood enhancer as well as help decrease stress, anxiety and tension.

The effects of sceletium are primarily due to a group of alkaloids, notably mesembrine, mesembrenol and tortuosamine. These alkaloids interact with brain receptors, which help enhance Dopamine production, our primary inner pleasure hormone and assist with balancing our Serotonin levels.

Dopamine and Serotonin are hormones that are critical to our mood and overall mental wellbeing. The benefit of using sceletium may result in feelings of tremendous well-being, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and a pronounced sense of calm.

There is far more to Sceletium than just a feel-good effect and terrific mental stimulation. This desert succulent may also offer first-rate anti-depressant and anti-anxiety relief, uplifting one's mood and helping reduce the effects of any stressful situation.

One significant benefit of sceletium used as a natural dietary supplement to manage depression or anxiety is that it is readily available, and most people can tolerate this natural herb well, although there are some reports of mild headaches among users.

It is important to note that whilst the processed Sceletium or Kanna can be psychoactive, it has no hallucinogenic properties whatsoever.

All TriSTILL products contain Trimesemine™ 
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It is a unique combination of the Sceletium alkaloids that provides exact, stable, dose-specific results, which means a measured and consistent result, every time.

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