What is Trimesemine?


Trimesemine ™ is a unique (patent pending) ingredient that has been manufactured from the Sceletium plant and has been found to have qualities that could positively impact stress and similar conditions

Sceletium is marketed primarily as a natural mood elevator and has well-documented usage as a stress reliever. While there are many Sceletium products on the market using the ‘traditional’ methods of preparation – especially drying. These methods do not always result in consistent alkaloid profiles or stability of active ingredients.

Trimesemine ™ is the result of years of scientific research developing a stabilised and standardised alkaloid profile with extensive testing and ongoing verification.  Numerous Academic research programs have been conducted with Trimesemine ™, as well as consulting and collaboration with industry partners resulting in a unique, proprietary combination of mesembrythemum alkaloids, offering an exact and stable delivery, dose-specific result formulated and designed for each application.

Trimesemine is included with two important ingredients?

For Absorption
For Absorption
Scientific Resources
High-mesembrine Sceletium extract (Trimesemine™) is a monoamine releasing agent,
rather than only a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
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